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Linked employer-employee data (LEED) for the December 2016 quarter is now available on NZ.Stat. The usual default view of data is not available for these tables. To see the LEED tables online, customers should use the 'Customise' menu to select at least one item of each dimension. Stats NZ apologises for the inconvenience.

NZ.Stat: Click here to launch

What is NZ.Stat?

NZ.Stat is a free web tool that allows you to:

  • create tables from a wide range of large datasets
  • find a dataset by browsing through themes or searching
  • customise the table by selecting the variables you want and changing the table layout
  • view metadata alongside the table
  • download your table in Excel (up to 100,000 cells) or CSV format (up to a million cells).

NZ.Stat is powered by software provided by the OECD, which is also used by other statistical agencies around the world. 

New features in the latest version

NZ.Stat has new selection (and unselect) options which allow you to select multiple variables with one click. For example, you can select all variables at a particular level in the dimension (eg all level one industries), or all variables at a particular level within a particular node (eg all level three industries within Manufacturing).

Popular queries is a new tab in the left hand navigation panel that lists the most popular datasets.

The latest version of NZ.Stat was released on 18 February 2014.

Getting started

bullet icon. Step 1: Choose a table by subject
bullet icon. Step 2: Select a data table that you're interested in
bullet icon. Step 3: Start customising!

Or, go directly to NZ.Stat and follow these steps:

bullet icon. Step 1: Find a dataset by clicking on 'Choose theme' on the left or entering keywords in the search box in the top right corner.
bullet icon. Step 2: Click on the dataset you’re interested in – a default view of the dataset will be displayed.
bullet icon. Step 3: Click on 'Customise' to select variables or change the table layout
bullet icon. Step 4: Click on 'Export' to download your table in Excel or CSV format.

How you can get further help

Read: pdf icon. NZ.Stat user guide (PDF, 36 pages, 4.59 MB)

Watch: NZ.Stat tutorial video on YouTube
You can also get help and advice by:

  • emailing  
  • phoning our Information Centre on 0508 525 525 (toll-free within New Zealand) or +64 4 931 4600 (if calling from outside New Zealand).

Page updated 28 February 2018

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