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Respondent advocate – your spokesperson

Do you have an unresolved issue about your participation in our surveys? The respondent advocate may be able to help. You can find out:

What the respondent advocate does

The respondent advocate works on your behalf to help with any issues you feel we have not been able to resolve. This service is available free of charge to all survey participants.

The role is separate from our collection activities, which means that the respondent advocate can provide impartial advice to the Government Statistician.

The respondent advocate’s role includes:

  • reviewing respondent requests for relief
  • reviewing proposals for new survey collections
  • reviewing respondent load measures to identify unreasonable demands.

When to contact the respondent advocate

You should contact the respondent advocate if you:

  • feel unhappy with our response to your concern or issue
  • are concerned about the confidentiality or security of your information.

What you can expect from the respondent advocate

The respondent advocate will:

  • review your complaint
  • support cases for survey relief if our demands on your time or resources are too great
  • listen to you, and ask questions to make sure they understand your concerns
  • be professional, courteous, and respond promptly to your requests
  • explain clearly what information we need from you, and how we use the information we collect.

How we are reducing survey load on our participants

We are always working on ways to manage and reduce the time and cost for participants in our surveys. We aim to:

  • demonstrate to respondents the value of the information collected
  • make it easier to respond to surveys
  • show participants how they can gain value from our surveys
  • identify and manage areas of unreasonable load.

How to contact the respondent advocate

To contact the respondent advocate, please send an email or letter with details of your complaint to one of the addresses below. 



The Respondent Advocate
Statistics New Zealand
P O Box 2922

If you can’t put your complaint in writing, please call us on 0508 525 525 and we will do our best to help.

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