2012 Yearbook tables by topic

2012 Yearbook tables by topic

Collections of table data in Excel format. Data is from a wide range of government departments and businesses, and provides a snapshot of New Zealand in 2012.
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    excel icon. Agriculture tables (Excel, 20 sheets, 83kb)
    Includes farm types, cattle and sheep categories, meat and wool exports, wine industry statistics, and kiwifruit production.

    Arts and cultural heritage

    excel icon. Arts and cultural heritage table (Excel, 2 sheets, 13kb)
    Includes government funding for the arts, culture, and heritage.

    Commerce and services

    excel icon. Commerce and services tables (Excel, 4 sheets, 15kb)
    Includes earthquake commission claims and retail sales.


    excel icon. Communications tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 31kb)
    Includes advertising expenditure, radio spectrum licences, and newspaper and magazine circulation.


    excel icon. Education tables (Excel, 14 sheets, 74kb)
    Includes government expenditure on education, student allowances and accommodation benefits, secondary school leavers, international students studying in New Zealand, and qualifications completed.

    Energy and minerals

    excel icon. Energy and minerals tables (Excel, 9 sheets, 46kb)
    Includes oil production, electricity generation, natural gas reserves, and total consumer energy demand.

    Forestry and fishing

    excel icon. Forestry and fishing tables (Excel, 13 sheets, 53kb)
    Includes seafood exports, forest planting and production, timber exports and imports, and total allowable commercial catch.


    excel icon. Geography tables (Excel, 8 sheets, 37kb)
    Includes data about our principal lakes and rivers, earthquake and volcanic fatalities since the mid 1800s, and a summary of our climate extremes.


    excel icon. Government tables (Excel, 7 sheets, 36kb)
    Includes parliamentary salaries and allowances, voting patterns, and complaints to the privacy commissioner.

    Health and safety

    excel icon. Health and safety tables (Excel, 16 sheets, 94kb)
    Includes health expenditure, major causes of death, subsidised prescriptions, cigarette smoking status, road crash casualties, and abortions.

    Housing and construction

    excel icon. Housing and construction tables (Excel, 10 sheets, 48kb)
    Includes average sale price of property, household borrowing, loan approvals, value of building work put in place, and accommodation assistance.

    International relations and defence

    excel icon. International relations and defence tables (Excel, 7 sheets, 28kb)
    Includes spending on international aid programmes, defence force personnel numbers, and expenditure on intelligence and security agencies.

    Justice and law

    excel icon. Justice and law tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 28kb)
    Includes recorded offences, apprehensions, and prison population.

    Labour market

    excel icon. Employment tables (Excel, 17 sheets, 88kb)
    Includes work stoppages, people employed and unemployed, personal income group by sex, and household income.

    Land and environment

    excel icon. Land and environment tables (Excel, 5 sheets, 24kb)
    Includes market sales of freehold rural land, key land use changes in New Zealand, and land use.

    Leisure and tourism

    excel icon. Leisure and tourism tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 33kb)
    Includes gambling statistics, international visitor spending, and accommodation use.


    excel icon. Manufacturing tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 29kb)
    Includes regional employee numbers, contributions to gross domestic product, and economic activity.

    Money and banking

    excel icon. Money and banking tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 38kb)
    Includes assets of the Reserve Bank, ATM and EFTPOS terminals, cards on issue, and foreign exchange rates.

    National economy

    excel icon. National economy tables (Excel, 19 sheets, 115kb)
    Includes retail prices of selected items, major components of balance of payments, gross domestic product, imports and exports of goods and services, and employee counts by industry.

    Overseas trade

    excel icon. Overseas trade tables (Excel, 38 sheets, 128kb)
    Includes major export commodities; trade with Japan, China, and the United States; overseas cargo loaded and unloaded; and major import commodities.


    excel icon. Population tables (Excel, 18 sheets, 91kb)
    Includes data about life expectancy at birth, fertility trends, population and ethnic population projections, and migration between regions.

    Public sector finance

    excel icon. Public sector finance tables (Excel, 9 sheets, 51kb)
    Includes government expenses, statement of cash flow, breakdown of tax revenue, and gross debt.

    Science and technology

    excel icon. Science and technology table (Excel, 2 sheets, 14kb)
    Includes applications for patents, trademarks, and designs.

    Social development

    excel icon. Social development tables (Excel, 7 sheets, 40kb)
    Includes income support weekly rates, special needs grants, and access to adoption information.

    Social framework

    excel icon. Social framework tables (Excel, 12 sheets, 69kb)
    Includes data about country of birth; religious affiliation; and Māori, Pacific, and Asian ethnic groups.


    excel icon. Transport tables (Excel, 10 sheets, 55kb)
    Includes traffic offences and infringements, licensed motor vehicles by population, and age profile of major vehicle types.

    If you have a problem viewing the Excel files, see Opening files and PDFs.

2012 Yearbook tables by topic
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