2012 Yearbook New Zealand life tables

A collection of tables in Excel format showing a snapshot of life in New Zealand in 2012.
  • Image, map of New Zealand.

    Arts and cultural heritage

    excel icon. Arts and cultural heritage table (Excel, 2 sheets, 13kb)
    Includes government funding for the arts, culture, and heritage.

    Leisure and tourism

    excel icon. Leisure and tourism tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 33kb)
    Includes gambling statistics, international visitor spending, and accommodation use.

    Social development

    excel icon. Social development tables (Excel, 7 sheets, 40kb)
    Includes income support weekly rates, special needs grants, and access to adoption information.

    Social framework

    excel icon. Social framework tables (Excel, 12 sheets, 69kb)
    Includes data about country of birth; religious affiliation; and Māori, Pacific, and Asian ethnic groups.

    A complete set of 2012 Yearbook table data is available.

    If you have problems viewing the Excel files, see Opening files and PDFs.

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