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Ki Te Ao Mārama – Statistics bringing light into our world

Here is a small collection of our statistics about Māori and from a Māori perspective. Browse through them for an understanding of Māori well-being and development.

‘Te ao mārama’ is a Māori concept relating to wisdom and understanding. It derives from the myth in which Tāne separated his Sky Father Ranginui and Earth Mother Papatuānuku to create ‘te ao mārama’ or the world of light. This allowed Tāne and his brothers to grow and better understand the world around them.

Statistics New Zealand has collected a substantial amount of information relating to Māori. For more details of the statistics, plus informative analysis of these data and other statistical information relevant to Māori, please visit A translation of this publication is available in te reo Māori: Tirohia tēnei whārangi i te reo Māori.

He mihi, thanks... all New Zealanders for the information used to produce official statistics, and in particular to tangata whenua, for whom this publication is intended. the Office of Treaty Settlements, the Ministry of Education, and the Parliamentary Library for data.

Please visit for further information, and links to other government departments that are part of the Official Statistics System.

Unless stated otherwise, the information in this brochure is compiled by Statistics New Zealand, based on the most recent authoritative data available in April 2012. Due to rounding, figures may not sum to stated totals.

Contact us

If you have any feedback or a suggestion for the next Te Ao Mārama, please email

Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa
Information Centre, PO Box 2922, Wellington 6140

Phone 0508 525 525 toll-free or +64 4 931 4600

Order copies

To order printed copies of Te Ao Mārama 2012 please call our Information Centre (toll-free) on 0508 525 525 or email us at

Up to 50 copies will be provided free of charge. Larger quantities may be charged for.

 Image, Te Ao Mārama 2012, cover. Image, Te Ao Mārama 2012, back cover.

Published June 2012

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