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Population statistics give you information about where New Zealanders live, our age structure, and how our population is changing.

Choose what interests you from the alphabetical list below.

Statistics about the number of births registered in New Zealand each year.

The census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand.

Statistics about the number of deaths recorded in New Zealand each year. Find out about infant deaths, and deaths by age, sex, and region.

Estimates and projections
Statistics about the size and composition of New Zealand’s population. Find out about New Zealand’s:

  • past and current population (estimates) 
  • future population (projections)
  • ethnic, regional, and household populations.

Life expectancy
Statistics about death and survival rates.

Migration statistics count and describe movements of people into and out of New Zealand (international migration), and within the country (internal migration).

Population indicators
Statistics from 1991 onwards (year ended 31 December) about population indicators.

Population mythbusters

In Population mythbusters we examine some common beliefs about population in New Zealand to see whether they hold any truth.

Reports and articles

Explore information we’ve gathered from research and analysis.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Medals per capita
We are crunching the numbers during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to show how many medals countries are winning relative to their population.

Most common birthday in New Zealand 
This calculator allows you to check the ranking and popularity of your birthday. It is based on births data from 1980 to 2013.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games: Medal strike rate
See how many medals countries have won.


Get help to interpret and use our data.

Standard for population terms (published 2014)
A guide to help you understand and use Statistics NZ's population measures. Defines and explains the three main population measures we produce: census night population count; census usually resident population count; and estimated resident population.

Population Statistics Stocktake: 2011 (published 2012)
An overview of population statistics and data, intended as a resource for those undertaking population analyses.

Considering population in policy: Guide for policy analysts and planners (published 2012)
A resource for policy practitioners considering how population structures and dynamics will influence policy. 

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