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2001 Census data

Every five years Statistics New Zealand makes an official count of the population and dwellings in New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand conducted the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings on Tuesday, 6 March 2001.

For general information about the 2001 Census and products available from it see: 2001 Census: PIS pdf files


Table-based information from the 2001 Census, providing population and dwelling numbers for regions, cities, districts, and area units, and key characteristics of the New Zealand population.

Please note that Classification counts for people seeking work is available from NZ.Stat, not the link above. In NZ.Stat, select 2001 Census from the theme menu, then Work, then open Job Search Methods (Total Responses), Age Group and Sex, for the Unemployed Census Usually Resident Population Count Aged 15 Years and Over, 2001

Pacific profiles

A set of seven profiles on Pacific peoples based on results from the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings.

Regional information

The territorial authority leaflets provide a brief overview of the population characteristics of your area based on the 2001 Census. Community profiles provide a broad range of useful data for geographic areas from territorial authorities to area units.

As a result of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake, links to the 2001 Census community profiles have broken. We are investigating the issue, but the information is available on request from


From 1 March 2002, Statistics New Zealand released a series of seventeen snapshot media releases that covered a range of specific topics from the 2001 Census including cultural diversity, work, education and income, and families and households.

Topic-based reports

Analytical reports containing 2001 Census data were progressively released from December 2001.

Information about data

These metadata products provide information about the data produced the 2001 Census, including information about the phases of the census cycle, questionnaire forms from 1906-2001, and a list of variables available accompanied by definititions and more detailed information about each of the output variables.

Content development

The following documents outline discussion, consultation and decisions on topics to be included in the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings.

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